LB-LINK 100m RG59 Cable

Regular price GH₵255.00

  • 20AWG copper clad steel
  • Nominal diameter: 0.32inches (0.81mm)
  • Gas expanded polyethylene
  • Nominal diameter over dielectric: 0.144inches (3.66mm)
  • First shield: laminated aluminum tape bonded to the dielectric.
  • Nominal diameter over tape: 0.151inches (3.84mm)
  • Second shield: 34 AWG (0.12mm) aluminum braid wire, 65% coverage.
  • Nominal diameter over jacket: 0.24inches (6.10mm)
  • Nominal jacket thickness: 0.032inches (0.81mm)
  • Inner conductor is high quality copper clad steel (CCS).Dielectric core is insulating grade virgin polyethylene. Bonded laminated aluminum tape, 65% braid, PE jacket.
  • Impedance : 75±3 ohms
  • Velocity of propagation: 85% nominal